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    PKN Orlen at Krynica Forum: We are doing everything to ensure Poland's energy security

    The consequences of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in the field of energy are acceleration in the search for alternative sources of energy and the need for large economic alliances to ensure energy security, Piotr Sabat, PKN ORLEN’s Management Board Member for Development, pointed out during Krynica Forum’22.

    According to Piotr Sabat, who participated in the panel discussion “Retreat from Russia and a new concept of energy security in the Three Seas region and Europe,” the war in Ukraine has “turned the situation upside down in a violent way” in the sphere of European energy.


    Piotr Sabat recalled that for several years now PKN ORLEN has been making a strong shift away from Russian oil, diversifying its supplies, and focusing on stable supplies, as exemplified by the cooperation established with Saudi Aramco.


    “This strategic alliance provides us with energy security at this point, which is crucial for the stability of the entire economy and the people of our country,” he stressed.


    “Krynica Forum ’22 – Growth and Reconstruction” is an international event bringing together business, politics and the world of science. Its goal is to strengthen the security, prosperity, social cohesion and economic position of Poland and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We believe that the means to achieve this goal is to create favourable conditions for the unhindered exchange of ideas, substantive dispute, discussion of the most important socio-economic issues, and synergy and strengthening of relations between decision-makers and leaders. (Krynica Forum ’22)

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