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    Lumina Park – a multimedia walk under a million lights in Poznań and Wrocław

    Illumination Parks are amazing winter attractions that are more and more popular in Poland and abroad. The parks usually offer multimedia walks in a fairy-tale land created by light and sound. These types of attractions have been found in American botanical gardens years ago but in the last few years people in Europe can enjoy them in several cities. On October 28, two new Lumina Parks will be opened in Poznań and Wrocław.

    Every Lumina Park consists of specially prepared light decorations. The theme of the park in Wrocław is “Secret Gardens” and in Poznań: “Film Forest”. But, we know for sure – each forest is absolutely magical.

    Think what you dream about… relaxing walk, contact with nature, communing with art? A romantic adventure, or maybe a return to childhood full of toys and sweets? A thrill or a light spectacle?

    You will find it all in the Magic Forest. Forget about everyday worries and go for a walk to a land full of excitement. A tree of life is waiting for you, the spirits of which will reveal to you new scenes of the forest fantasy world.

    This season, the park in Poznań is going to move visitors to 9 places directly related to cult film productions, in which the forest plays a key role. The park has been prepared from hundreds of thousands of LED lamps and 40 kilometers of cables at a path in the Dendrology Garden of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań.


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