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    Korean nuclear power deal considered to break new ground

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki welcomed an agreement with South Korea on the construction of a nuclear power plant, saying that it would strengthen Poland’s energy security and create thousands of jobs. Poland plans to develop a nuclear power station using Korean technology in Pątnów in the central Łódzkie province.

    An agreement on the project was signed in Seoul on Monday by Jacek Sasin, Poland’s state assets minister, and Korean Energy Minister Lee Chang-Yang.


    Also on Monday, Polish energy firm PGE and local electricity producer ZE PAK signed a letter of intent with Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power in Seoul on the creation of a construction plan for the Pątnów plant using Korea’s APR 1400 reactor technology.



    ZE PAK, PGE and KHNP signed a letter of intent regarding a plan for the development of a nuclear power plant at the Pątnów site 


    “The Law and Justice government is carrying out a further investment, strategic for Poland, intending to strengthen our sovereignty in the field of energy security,” Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on Facebook later on Monday.


    He added that nuclear power is safe, clean, and ecological as well as contributing to Poland’s green transformation and the development of renewable energy sources, which State Treasury-owned companies are investing in.


    “At the same time, it is an investment bringing thousands of jobs in high-tech sectors, ensuring the transfer of knowledge and stable income streams, both for the central budget and for the local governments on whose land the investment will be situated,” Morawiecki wrote. “It is also a developmental stimulus for a range of Polish companies, suppliers and partners.”


    The nuclear agreement follows in the wake of a deal for Poland to purchase South Korean tanks and artillery. The two deals, said Morawiecki, mean that “our cooperation with South Korea is entering new areas.”

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