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    He did it! Tomasz Sobania reached Barcelona after 2 520km of run

    After 63 days Tomasz Sobania reached Barcelona. He started his journey in Gliwice (Silesian Voivodeship) and ran 60 marathons to reach Camp Nou in Barcelona.

    “I made it! I ran from Gliwice, Poland to Barcelona. 2 520 km, 60 marathons, 63 days. I can’t describe what happened today… I just wanna thank my team, my sponsors and all of you who supported me. We can still achieve the charity goal. You can help in a link above. Thank you,” Tomasz wrote on social media yesterday after reaching Camp Nou in Spain. 



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    Tomasz Sobania on his way to Barcelona. Only 300 km of run left 


    “My name is Tomasz Sobania, and I am an extreme runner, and the Noah’s Ark Foundation is an organization that for 14 years has been dedicated to helping addicts and preventing addiction among young people. We are collecting money for the club, which will be an alternative to the street or the city park for the youth in Gliwice. Already in this place, young people can safely spend time with a cup of hot chocolate, play billiards or table tennis, as well as talk to a psychologist or therapist and participate in various activities of a preventive nature in the context of alcohol and drugs. That’s why we’re having a whip-round, and as a runner who promotes good projects every year during my extreme runs, this time I want to support this initiative,” Sobania wrote in the description of the whip-round.


    Tomasz Sobania is a 24-year-old extreme runner. Previously he run from Częstochowa (Silesian Voivodeship) to Rome in 38 days. 


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