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    ‘Free November’ in eleven Royal Residences

    The Wawel Royal Castle, the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw, the King John III Palace Museum in Wilanów, the Royal Castle in Poznań, the Lublin Castle, the Malbork Castle with its branches in Sztum and Kwidzyn, the Royal Castle in Sandomierz, the Żupny Castle in Wieliczka and the Royal Castle in Warsaw are the eleven royal residences that have prepared a free offer for visitors this year as part of the Free November campaign.

    “This is a unique campaign to expand access to our museum gems, the royal residences, which is being implemented for the 11th time in response to public requests for better and easier access to museums,” Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage Prof. Piotr Glinski said during a press conference inaugurating the campaign, held at the King John III Palace Museum in Wilanow.


    Among the proposals are not only invitations to visit permanent and temporary exhibitions, but also to participate in educational meetings, lectures, conferences, workshops, and museum lessons.


    The Minister of Culture and National Heritage noted that this year the Free November campaign includes as many as eleven Polish royal residences, as the offer of free visits has also been prepared by two branches of the Malbork Castle Museum – Kwidzyn Castle and Sztum Castle. The deputy prime minister stressed that on the websites of the individual museums one can read information about the prepared offer, including the extent of access to free visits to the residences and specific exhibitions.


    “I am very pleased that in recent years we have increased the number of museums that provide access to their interiors and magnificent exhibitions (…) It’s worth interacting with culture at such a high level. The incredibly interesting exhibitions prepared by our museum institutions in recent years have been extremely successful,” Prof. Piotr Glinski stressed.


    About the ‘Free November’ action


    Thanks to the Free November action, which has been organized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for more than a decade, royal residences make a significant part of their offer available free of charge for the entire month. The number of institutions participating in the campaign is growing every year. Since the beginning, the most iconic Polish museums have participated, such as the Wawel Royal Castle, the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw, the King John III Palace Museum in Wilanów and the Royal Castle in Warsaw. In recent years, the prestigious group has been joined by museums in Sandomierz, Lublin and Malbork, which also have castle seats, as well as the Zupny Castle in Wieliczka. This year, the Royal Castle in Poznan, and the castles in Kwidzyn and Sztum – branches of the Castle Museum in Malbork – joined the Free November in Royal Residences campaign.

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