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    Blaszczak: US base in Poland strengthen NATO’s eastern flank security

    A new American military logistics depot in Poland will help the US Air Force support NATO forces on its eastern flank, Poland’s defence minister has said.

    Mariusz Błaszczak and the US ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski visited on Monday the construction site of the new facility, which will serve the US military and is located near the Powidz Air Base in west-central Poland.



    “This is another meeting that results in the initiation of new investment. It is intended for the US Air Force. Namely, equipped with Apache and stationed here in Powidz US Combat Aviation Brigade,” said Błaszczak.


    He added that there is a US combat aviation brigade stationed in Powidz, equipped with Apache helicopters.


    “For these helicopters, in the next few years, we will prepare a base in the form of, on the one hand, hangars and warehouses, and on the other hand a fuel base, so that they can operate from Powidz, so that they can support Polish forces and the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance on the eastern flank,” he said, adding that Poland was interested in the purchase of AH-64 Apache helicopters.


    “One week ago, I spoke with US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin about strengthening our cooperation. We plan for Apaches to be delivered to Poland, where next to the Abrams tanks – which will be on equipment of the Polish Army next year – will be a great reinforcement,” the Polish defence minister said.



    According to Błaszczak, next year, as part of this strengthening, Poland would receive the first batch of used Abrams M1 battle tanks.


    “Poland has asked the US to prepare an offer for 96 AH-64 Apache helicopters,” he continued and expressed hope that talks on their purchase would also be successful.



    Brzezinski said that Powidz would also host a permanent US force, and added that Poland and the US were united, arm in arm, and were ready for everything.


    Referring to the start of two projects at the base in Powidz, namely, a mobile base system for the US Air Force and a fuel depot, which is planned to store nearly 1.6 million gallons, Brzezinski said that their implementation would give the US Air Force everything to be ready to operate.


    The diplomat said that the ability to respond quickly to a threat was of key importance and added that both US land and air forces as well as the Polish army would be able to respond not within months or weeks, but immediately when a threat appears.


    According to Brzezinski, this will be possible as the elements of critical infrastructure will be located in Poland and will be easily accessible.


    Recalling that there were now over 10,000 US troops in Poland, Brzezinski said that these projects would make it possible for the US to be more flexible in increasing its presence in this country.


    The diplomat added that their goal remained unchanged, namely, to deter and not to escalate, to offer assistance to allies and to support the brave people of Ukraine for as long as necessary.


    The US ambassador said Poland was in the lead of NATO countries supporting Ukraine and added that, over almost nine months, the US and the free world had shown that they were united and determined to bring Russia to justice.

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