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    What a match! Poland defeated Spain

    Polish handball players after a thrilling end of the match sensationally defeated Spain 22:21 at the Women’s EHF EURO 2022. The fantastic victory against the semifinalists of the last World Cup gave the White-Reds hope of advancing from the group.

    The white-reds started well in their second match at the Women’s EHF EURO 2022. After seven minutes they had built up a 3:1 lead, but mistakes were enough for the Spanish women to take the lead. Initially, the Polish women very rarely passed to the wingers, which made their plays very clear.


    A change in tactics with the withdrawal of the goalkeeper and a two-circle game began to bear fruit. The team led by Norwegian coach Arne Senstad scored a contact goal in the final minutes of the first half. 


    After the change of sides, the game evened out. Again, the White Reds used a variant with field players only. The rivals did not take advantage of this, several times sending the ball with long shots past the post of the empty goal. The rivals, with the score tied, scored four goals in a row. The Polish women did not give up the fight, and it was they who, throwing six consecutive goals, came out to a two-goal lead.



    In the dramatic end, the Polish women were lucky. The Spanish women in the last action, thanks to tight defence, did not manage to lead to a draw. The MVP of the match was selected Kobylinska, who hit five of eight shots. 


    “Poland rose like a Phoenix in the last 10 minutes: they looked down and out, being 20:16 behind with 10 minutes left on the clock, but then it took only seven minutes for them to turn the match around with a 6:0 run,” official EuroHandball website wrote about that match. 


    Poland’s next opponent will be Montenegro on Wednesday. The top three teams from Group D will advance to the second round of the European Women’s Handball Championship, co-sponsored by Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Slovenia.



    Poland – Spain 22:21 (12:12)


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