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    ‘Polish Saharas’ – deserts in Poland you must visit

    It might seem that there are no deserts in Poland. But it turns out that a country mainly associated with hectares of green forests and thousands of lakes has one of the largest deserts in Europe. What is more, there are several such sandy areas in Poland.

    Deserts in Poland are mostly the result of human activity and in no way resemble deserts such as the Sahara or Kalahari. Nevertheless, Poland has more deserts than other European countries, and two of them, i.e., the Bledowska Desert and Siedlce Desert are sizable. 


    Desert is a barren area of landscape where little precipitation occurs. What is more, living conditions are rather hostile for plant and animal life.  Deserts are found primarily in the tropical (Africa, South and Latin America, Australia) and subtropical (Central Asia and South America) zones. 


    Poland’s latitude does not meet any of these conditions. So, are there deserts in Poland? Well, yes! They are not as magnificent as other deserts in the world, but in terms of the area of desert land, Poland comes to the forefront in the rate of European countries.


    No desert in Poland is characterized by significant daily temperature amplitudes, we will not ride a camel there, and a hike through the desert sands does not pose a risk of encountering dangerous predators or venomous reptiles.


    In Poland, we can find as many as 5 deserts, the largest of which is the Bledowska Desert. Then, we can mention the Siedlecka Desert, Bory Dolnoslaskie Desert (also called Lower Silesian Forest Desert), Kozlow Desert and Starczynow Desert.

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