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    511 km in 93 hours and 44 minutes – Pole becomes new record holder

    93 hours and 44 minutes – this is a new record. Ultramarathoner Roman Ficek ran 511 kilometres of the longest trail in the Polish mountains – Main Beskid Trail – from Ustron to Wolosate.

    Roman Ficek is an ultramarathoner from Skawica (Małopolskie Voivodeship) and his passion is long-distance mountain running. Roman has been running ultra-mountain marathons and doing his own long-distance expeditions for 7 years. Since 2020, he has started to run professionally and has been successfully making great progress every year. He also represents the team and brand Hoka One One Poland. 


    What is more, Roman’s goal and priority is to become one of the best ultra-marathoners in the world. “Passion in my life appeared suddenly after going out for sunrise in winter to Babia Gora. Then I understood what I wanted to do in life,” Roman writes on the Patronite website


    Roman also run the Carpathian Arc of 2,300 km and conquered 55 Tatra two-thousand-meter peaks in a total of 127 hours. He is also well acquainted with the Main Beskid Trial (GSB), the longest trail in the Polish mountains. On October 24, running up to Wolosate, he completed a route of 511 kilometres. Thus, with the help of the team, he set a new record for the Main Beskid Trail. The previous record with support belonged to Jaroslaw Gonczarenko and was 95 hours.


    Roman Ficek needed 93 hours and 44 minutes to complete the Main Beskid Trail (GSB).


    “GSB completed and the record improved by 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was a rather spontaneous run and until the end, I wasn’t sure if I would run or not and when. Of course, I’m glad about the new record, but honestly, I had bigger time ambitions for this trail,” Roman wrote on Facebook after completing the run. 


    His main goal for the next 2 years is to compete in ultra-marathon competitions outside the country at the highest possible level GR20 beating the record on Europe’s toughest trail, and a promising expedition in 2022. 


    “Norway North-South. 3500 km through the Scandinavian mountains. This run will be a pioneering project similar to the Carpathian Mountains run. The plan is to run the entire Scandinavian Mountain chain from north to south. This will be the first such attempt to conquer this mountain chain from start to finish,” Roman writes. 


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