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    How much will we spend on Christmas?

    Most Poles claim that their holiday expenses will be similar to last year’s. The survey conducted by CBOS shows that over 70 percent plans to spend the same as a year ago on the Christmas tree and home decor. Almost two-thirds of respondents predict that they will spend the same as last year on gifts and arranging holidays.


    Reducing spending on holidays is primarily planned by people who assess the material conditions of their own household as bad. On the other hand, the intention to increase spending more often than others is declared by respondents with the highest income per capita in a household (over PLN 3,000 per capita). The report pointed out that also some of the lowest earners per capita this year forecasts an increase in spending for the holiday table. The vast majority of Poles expect that this year’s Christmas will be in their family like last year. Few are of the opinion that they will be more prosperous (6 percent). A similar percentage say that Christmas will be less prosperous this year than last year (5 percent).


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