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    Soviets colluded with Nazi Germany in Holocaust – say movie authors “Soviet Story”

    The authors of the film “Soviet Story showed that both the Soviets and Germans cooperated in the extermination of Jews

    The echoes of Vladimir Putin’s scandalous statement do not stop. – Putin’s accusation of Poland’s cooperation with Germany in the 1930s in the work of exterminating Jews is an evident defilement of our country and an example of unprecedented falsification of history – wrote Dr. Jerzy Bukowski, spokesman for the Alliance of Veterans and Independence Organizations in the Independentna website.

    – Archival documents show the scale of this cooperation – these are endless lists of German communists and Jews whom the Soviets handed over to the Nazis. Most of them died in concentration camps. The SS-NKVD friendship was not limited to the extermination of enemies – we learn from the film.


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