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    Quit smoking in the new year

    The new year should be a good opportunity to stop smoking. Taking care of your health is the best we can do for ourselves. The use of e-cigarettes is treated by young people as less risky, but studies do not confirm this.

    The spokesman for the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS – Główny Inspektorat Sanitarny) noted that more and more people in Poland smoke e-cigarettes. This form of smoking has gained the most popularity among young people in recent years. He appealed to parents to warn their children and inform them about the dangers, which can be very serious. E-cigarettes are as addictive and have a negative impact on health as traditional cigarettes. According to data provided by GIS, the number of Polish teenagers who have tried e-cigarettes has increased sixfold since 2011. 30 percent pupils aged 15 to 19 regularly smoke electronic cigarettes, and 60 percent tried them at least once.



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