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    7th International Wine Festival in Warsaw

    The 7th International Wine Festival by TiM S.A., held in Warsaw, is Poland’s largest wine event. It attracts renowned winemakers, enthusiasts, retail representatives, media, and wine organizations, blending trade fair dynamics with a business conference. The event offers a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and discovering wines from around the world, including rare selections not available in Poland.

    Wine: A Passion and Cultural Pillar

    Mariusz Glenszczyk, president of TiM, highlighted wine’s role beyond being a product, emphasizing its cultural significance. He reflected on the festival’s decade-long history, despite a pandemic-induced hiatus. The festival promotes wine education, enhancing informed choices and fostering a wine culture in Poland, a country with a growing number of wine aficionados and vineyards.

    Educational Panels and Global Wine Journeys

    Participants engaged in seven training panels led by distinguished sommeliers from the Polish Sommelier Association. These sessions offered insights into wine pairing and virtual tours of vineyards from Chile, Portugal, and Georgia, enriching attendees’ understanding of wine’s eight-thousand-year history.

    Fusion of Traditional and Modern Tastes

    Patrycja Sikorska, PR and Strategic Marketing Manager at TiM, noted the festival’s role in merging traditional and modern market perspectives. Attendees experienced classic and innovative pairings thanks to collaborations with European cheese importer Temar, artisan chocolate maker Beskid Chocolate, and Italian deli distributor Unifood&Wine.

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