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    8-Year-Old Child Dies After Being Brutally Abused by Stepfather: Ziobro Promises Harshest Punishment

    Kamilek, an 8-year-old boy from Częstochowa, Poland, has died after being abused by his stepfather, Dawid B. The abuse came to light after a report filed by the child’s biological father in April. The stepfather was charged with attempting to deprive his stepson of his life on March 29 by pouring boiling water over him and placing him on a hot coal cooker. In doing so, he caused grievous bodily harm and burns to his head, chest and limbs. The suspect was also charged with abusing the boy with particular cruelty, including beating, kicking him all over his body, burning him with cigarettes, and causing him to suffer numerous limb fractures and burn wounds.

    The boy died after more than a month of treatment at the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Centre in Katowice. The case shocked Poland, and the Minister of Justice, Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro, announced that he had issued an order to change the qualification of the act from attempted murder and abuse with particular cruelty to the murder of an eight-year-old. He also said that they will strive for the harshest punishment for the perpetrator, and severe punishment for all those who were aware of irregularities, and pathological behaviour, and did not react as they should have reacted.

    Ziobro added that the prosecutor’s office is conducting a multifaceted investigation, investigating not only the perpetrator’s behaviour but also the behaviour of the mother and all those who did not react in the way they should have. The head of the Justice Ministry indicated that the prosecution’s job is to investigate the action of any institutions that could have acted earlier in this case to prevent the tragedy.

    In addition to the stepfather, the boy’s mother, Magdalena B., is also suspected of exposing her child to direct danger to life and health and of aiding and abetting her husband in the abuse of the boy. This is because she did not react to her husband’s behaviour and did not provide help to the child. The prosecution points out that she had a special duty of care towards the child. Both the stepfather and the boy’s mother have been arrested for three months.

    The family of the eight-year-old had been under the support of a social worker since March 2021. Previously, there had been no information indicating that the child might be experiencing violence. The case has led to discussions about the need for tighter laws for the cruellest crimes, including murder, and the introduction of the possibility of punishing murder with absolute life imprisonment.

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