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    Poland is safe, assures Soloch

    Paweł Soloch, head of the National Security Bureau (BBN), commenting on the situation in the Middle East, said that Poland is safe because it is not on the front line and is perceived as a neutral state.

    “Of course, we are involved in the region, but only through the presence of forces dealing with training, assistance, technical assistance. We are rather treated as a neutral state that has no direct interests in the region,” Soloch told Polish Television quoted by PAP. Soloch added that the fact that Poland co-organised a Middle East conference in 2019, does not play any role when it comes to the increase in the threat to our country right now. “Our relations with Iran remain correct. There is no hostility, neither formal nor real, between the two countries. This conference was not, at that stage, an act of hostility against Iran specifically, it only concerned the security of the Middle East in general,” Soloch explained.


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