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    Iran-USA: deescalation

    Everything indicates that the conflict between the United States and Iran is far behind us, despite the fact that Donald Trump and Iranian leaders still have animosity towards each other. It seems that neither Washington nor Tehran are interested in escalating the situation. 

    By this statement, Donald Trump started his declaration in which he gave a further statement on Iran’s attack on the American military bases stationed in Iraq. The attack was Iran’s revenge on the United States for killing general Qasem Suleimani. President Trump has announced to put sanctions on Iran for the organized attacks.

    In his speech, Donald Trump turned not only to Iran, but also to the European leaders, as well as China and Russia to help resolve this conflict.

    China ensures that they cooperate with Russia in order to keep balance in the region.

    Pope Francis engaged in the conflict by appealing for dialogue.

    ”The signals coming from the entire region are very worrying, because the rising tension between the US and Iran can not only make the reconstruction of Iran impossible, but also it can lead to a gigantic conflict, which all of us want to avoid. That is why I would like to repeat my appeal to both sides of the conflict: establish a dialogue”- says Pope Francis.

    Today, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Abdollah Aragi announced Iran’s revenge on the United States. 


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