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    Photovoltaic electricity production grows in Poland

    Over the last year photovoltaic electricity production in Poland went up by 175 percent from 490 MW to 1,299 MW – climate minister Michal Kurtyka said this week . He made the statement after the second edition of the My Electricity project had been launched.

    According to PAP, minister Kurtyka reminded that under the program it will be possible to co-finance 200,000 photovoltaic micro installations that will generate 1 TWh of green energy. The president of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management added that applications for a subsidy could be filed with the fund by December 18, 2020. Piotr Wozny also said that, by that time, the co-financing offered by the fund will likely reach PLN 600 million (EUR 141.8 million). The fund can co-finance up to 50 percent of an installation producing from two to 10 kW, or up to PLN 5,000 (ca. EUR 1,180).




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