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    Former Speaker of the Senate on the activities of the incumbent speaker

    I appeal to Senate speaker Tomasz Grodzki to reveal who proposed him the position of the Minister of Health in exchange for transfering to PiS, the deputy speaker of the Senate Stanisław Karczewski said on the Radio Trójka today. He admitted that there were such talks, but not with Grodzki.

    According to Karczewski, Grodzki’s statement was a lie that he was offered to become the Minister of Health in exchange for joining PiS. Grodzki’s disclosure of this information was one of the reasons for his later appointment by the opposition clubs in the Senate to the position of speaker . – Absolutely no such offer! If he had, let him give the name. We live in a democracy and our whole environment expects: Mr. Speaker , please provide the name of the person who suggested it to you – said Karczewski. Karczewski emphasized that Grodzki could not have had such an offer. – He did not have because I knew the speaker very well, I knew his views, he was very critical of Law and Justice (PiS) – emphasized Karczewski.

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