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    Brexit – a new shape of the European Union

    “France’s role has undoubtedly grown enormously in the EU after Brexit”, Polish President
    Andrzej Duda said at a joint press conference with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron in
    Warsaw on Monday.

    President Duda said that Brexit is a completely new situation for the EU. At the same time, the Polish president expressed his satisfaction that at that moment the French president had come to Poland. “In this way, the president gives a signal of his deep interest in our part of the EU and its affairs, and therefore also how the Union will continue to develop and what this new shape of the Union will be like”, stated Duda. The Polish president announced that one of the subjects of talks with Emmanuel Macron had been security issues – both military and energy. “I deeply believe that this visit of the president and the signing of the cooperation program is groundbreaking. I would like very much for the cooperation between Poland and France to be strengthened” – said President Duda.

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