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    Poland for maintaining sanctions against Russia

    After the resumption of dialogue on Ukrainian matters, the possible repealing of sanctions against
    Russia, which some EU countries want, would be a mistake – Polish presidential adviser Krzysztof
    Szczerski said for the Gazeta Prawna daily on Tuesday.

    Szczerski added that the change of the decision on sanctions should not result from economic reasons, but only from the fact whether the law is no longer being violated. “Certainly, companies are pushing their governments to lift sanctions. This is due to the specifics of the Russian market, to which enterprises are admitted on the basis of political premises”, Szczerski said (quoted by PAP). According to Szczerski, one of the conditions to have constructive relations with Russia is the recognition of the supremacy of international law. “Secondly, there is no consent for Poland to be only informed about
    the results of talks in which it does not participate and which concern it”, he added. To the remarks made by journalists that it is difficult to imagine calming down the situation in the Donbass area overnight or the return of Crimea, Szczerski replied: “So you assume that Russia cannot be a normal European country. Such a country would give Crimea back. I would like to see a European Russia”. He also said that a well-known problem in international relations is that warm feelings for Russia increase with distance from its borders.

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