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    9th European Congress of Local Governments: Shaping the Future of Decentralization

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    Commencing on March 4th, the 9th European Congress of Local Governments will gather leaders from local governments, regional elites, businesses, state administration, NGOs, and media representatives in Poland. Themed “The Future of Decentralization in a Changing World,” the event aims to foster the exchange of best practices and strengthen collaboration among local governments and key stakeholders from Poland and Central-Eastern European countries.

    Meeting of Minds and Leaders

    Hosted at Hotel Gołębiewski in Mikołajki on March 4-5, the congress anticipates over 200 events, including program blocks, panel discussions, workshops, lectures, and presentations. These will cover diverse areas such as local government management, city and regional development mechanisms, investment financing, environmental protection, and health policies.

    Thematic Tracks for In-Depth Discussions

    The Congress will unfold across fifteen thematic tracks like Economy, Business, and Management; Society; Finances; Sustainable Development; Interregional Cooperation; Culture Regions Forum; Tourism Industry Salon, and Health. The program goes beyond socio-economic debates, featuring a rich cultural and recreational agenda with workshops, author meetings, and presentations of regional tourist attractions.

    Previous Success and Expectations

    With over 2000 participants from Poland and 33 other countries in the previous edition, this year expects over 2500 attendees. The event provides a unique platform for networking, relationship-building, and various forms of cooperation, including business, at both regional and international levels.

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