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    A Bison Showcase in Stuposiany, Bieszczady Mountains: A Free Wildlife Adventure

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    Embark on a free Bison adventure in Stuposiany, Bieszczady. Encounter majestic wildlife, enjoy informational boards, and explore online streams for a delightful Friday escape.

    Bieszczady, a mesmerizing region in Poland, invites you to explore the Bison Showcase in Stuposiany. Nestled within the State Forests, this exhibit promises a delightful encounter with these majestic creatures. Ideal for both adults and children, the visit won’t consume much time, and the thrill of spotting these powerful mammals behind the trees adds an element of excitement.

    To reach the Bison enclosure, head towards Muczne from Stuposiany. Ample free parking awaits at the entrance, and admission is entirely free. The exhibit is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00, allowing flexibility for visitors. Allocate around an hour for the tour, where three information boards share intriguing facts about Bison, complemented by two panoramic viewpoints offering glimpses into their mysterious lives and adorable summer-born calves.

    For those afar, a virtual treat awaits with a live stream from the Kobiór Forest District in Jankowice. Whether on-site or online, a Friday afternoon promises a serene retreat.

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