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    A Meeting of First Lady Agata Kornhauser–Duda and Queen Silvia of Sweden

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    A heartfelt meeting between First Lady Agata Kornhauser–Duda and Queen Silvia of Sweden, centered on children’s welfare and global engagement.

    In the opulent Mirror Hall of Belweder Palace, a significant meeting unfolded between the First Lady of the Republic of Poland, Agata Kornhauser–Duda, and Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, consort of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

    Charitable Endeavors:

    The conversation primarily revolved around their shared commitment to charitable and caregiving activities, particularly concerning the welfare of children. Queen Silvia’s extensive involvement in supporting children and those affected by dementia was discussed. Her efforts include patronage of numerous organizations and the establishment of the World Childhood Foundation, dedicated to enhancing the lives of the youngest.

    Children’s Rights and Support for Ukraine:

    The discussion delved into child protection and the importance of creating child-friendly environments, including interview rooms for young witnesses in legal proceedings—an initiative supported by both the World Childhood Foundation and the Polish Foundation “Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę” (“We Give Children Strength”). First Lady Kornhauser–Duda shared her active role in aiding Ukrainian refugees, with a particular focus on children, highlighting her engagement in fundraising and support efforts.

    Global Engagement:

    The First Lady’s international involvement was also highlighted, including her participation in discussions about Ukrainian children’s rights in the USA and her collaboration with UNICEF on child-focused initiatives.

    Remembering History and Education:

    Additionally, they discussed their shared connection to Heidelberg, Germany, where Queen Silvia was born, and where First Lady Kornhauser–Duda studied during a student exchange program. They reminisced about their ties to the city, emphasizing the importance of educational and cultural exchanges.

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