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    A Musical Journey through Polish History: “Polska Parada” Premieres in Mława

    The Institute of National Remembrance invites audiences to the premiere of the musical spectacle titled “Polska Parada. Our Weapon is Song,” directed by Jakub Kornacki. Taking place on April 25th at 11:00 (school show) and 18:00 at the Municipal Cultural Center in Mława, the event promises a captivating narrative spanning over 12,500 kilometers.

    A Tale of Exile and Resilience

    Set against the backdrop of World War II, the production follows the journey of exiled Polish soldiers, their hearts carrying the weight of their homeland as they fled Stalin’s regime and traversed the battlefields, including the legendary Monte Cassino.

    A Blend of History and Artistry

    With a stellar cast featuring artists from General Władysław Anders’ Army, the performance weaves together the poetry of Feliks Konarski and Marian Hemar, complemented by Kuba Kornacki’s direction and additional compositions by Ref-Ren.

    Musical Mastery and Historical Consultation

    Led by the musical arrangements of Ludwik Sarski Orchestra and historical insights from Bartosz Januszewski, the spectacle promises to evoke laughter, tears, and the indomitable spirit of the Polish soldiers.

    Experience the Epic

    Don’t miss the chance to witness this extraordinary fusion of history and music, brought to life by a talented ensemble and creative team. Get your complimentary tickets at the Kosmos Cinema box office in Mława.

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