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    A New Bison Enclosure in Krajewo Welcomes Four Majestic Residents

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    In the outskirts of Mława, Krajewo has unveiled a 9-hectare bison enclosure, part of a conservation initiative. By the end of December, four bison will call it home – one male, Pomeranian, and three females: Pomykałka, Powilga, and Parecka. The enclosure, equipped with innovations like thermal water dispensers, aims to ensure both safety for visitors and the well-being of the bison. The animals will undergo quarantine upon arrival, allowing for thorough observation.

    Innovative Bison Habitat

    The enclosure features advanced design elements, including a strategically placed feeding area for convenient and safe bison observation. Visitors can use binoculars from the viewing tower to observe the bison comfortably. The fence is robust, preventing close encounters. The enclosure’s completion signals the beginning of a conservation effort, with hopes for the bison herd to grow over the years.

    While the enclosure will open to the public early next year, forest officials emphasize the need for a period of acclimatization for the bison. During this time, visitors are urged to avoid approaching the fence to allow the animals to familiarize themselves with their new home.

    Celebration and Education

    A parking area and informational signs about the bison and local flora and fauna have been set up. Admission will be free when the enclosure opens, with an official inauguration scheduled for spring.

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