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    Abandoned Plane Becomes Unlikely Tourist Attraction in Warsaw

    Since early March, a small aircraft has been lying abandoned in a marshy area in the Wawer district of Warsaw. The plane made an emergency landing and flipped onto its roof. Despite its owner’s dismay, the aircraft has become a source of fascination for locals and tourists alike.

    The incident occurred on March 1st when a Cessna 15 aircraft was on a sightseeing flight towards Babice Airport. Mid-flight, an engine failure was recorded, leading to an emergency landing near Kadetów Street in Wawer. Upon touchdown, the plane flipped upside down on the swampy terrain.

    Two individuals, the pilot, and a passenger, were aboard the aircraft and were hospitalized following the incident. Fortunately, they sustained only minor injuries.

    The owner of the Cessna, instructor Ewa Sachajko, took to social media on Monday to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the crash. She explained that the pilot, aware of the icy conditions, failed to fully activate the carburetor heater, resulting in uneven engine performance and eventual failure. The decision to make an emergency landing was prompted by the imminent dense urban area.

    Sachajko expressed concern over the lack of security measures for her aircraft. Despite initial police presence, efforts to safeguard the plane were short-lived. Attempts to retrieve information about the aircraft’s status from authorities proved futile, with Sachajko learning about developments through media reports.

    Amidst ongoing investigations, including one by the Warsaw Praga Południe Prosecutor’s Office, Sachajko worries about the fate of her stranded aircraft. She highlighted the risk of unauthorized access to the plane, particularly since the keys were left behind by the pilot. With the aircraft sitting in a pool of fuel, there are fears of further damage or misuse.

    Despite Sachajko’s pleas for decisive action, bureaucratic hurdles persist. The Prosecutor’s Office issued its first official order to secure the aircraft a month after the incident, falsely assuming continuous police surveillance. Sachajko’s financial losses continue to mount as the situation remains unresolved.

    As the saga of the abandoned plane stretches on, Sachajko’s frustrations grow. Without clarity on the plane’s future, she remains unable to make plans or decisions regarding its retrieval or repair.

    In the meantime, the curious sight of the plane in the marsh has attracted attention from various groups, with some even expressing interest in claiming the aircraft as a novelty item.

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