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    After Weimar Triangle Summit: Increased Arms Procurement for Ukraine Worldwide

    In the aftermath of the Weimar Triangle summit, Chancellor Olaf Scholz declared in Berlin on Friday a surge in arms acquisition for Ukraine across global markets. He affirmed, “We are poised to procure even more weaponry for Ukraine, expanding our military equipment production through partnerships within Ukraine and establishing a new coalition for long-range missile artillery under the Ramstein format.”

    The meeting, held at the Berlin Chancellery, saw deliberations within the Weimar Triangle format, attended by Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and French President Emmanuel Macron.

    During a joint press briefing, Scholz underscored the Weimar Triangle’s significance, describing it as “a pivotal indicator of our solidarity.” He stressed the unity among the three nations, asserting, “Our collective support for Ukraine against the imperialist aggressor – Russia – remains unwavering across political, military, and financial domains. We stand firmly and resolutely alongside Ukraine.”

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