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    Agnieszka Holland Receives Special Award at Tertio Millenio Film Festival in Rome

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    Renowned Polish director Agnieszka Holland was honored with a special award at the Tertio Millenio Film Festival in Rome for her film The Green Border. However, during her lecture at the festival, Holland made controversial statements, claiming that the majority of Catholics in Poland are “not Christians” and that Pope Francis is “not our pope.”

    Political Critique and Allegations of Manipulation

    In her speech, Holland accused the Polish government of employing rhetoric reminiscent of Nazi times during the 2015 migrant crisis, alleging similarities to the Nazis. She also criticized the Polish authorities for their handling of the migration crisis at the Polish-Belarusian border, describing it as a “laboratory of violence and lies.”

    Response to President Duda’s Criticism

    Holland addressed President Andrzej Duda’s criticism of her film, mentioning his reference to a phrase from the Nazi occupation. She accused the president of insulting 750,000 Poles by calling them “pigs” and “Nazi collaborators.”

    Attack on Catholics in Poland

    During the Q&A session, Holland asserted that the majority of Catholics in Poland are not Christians, sparking controversy. When asked about potential conflicts between the Polish Church and the Vatican, she replied humorously, stating, “Well, he’s not our pope,” and avoided delving into Italian-Polish church relations.

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