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    Air Show Radom 2023 Celebrates Aviation and Strengthens Polish Air Force

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    The International Air Show Radom 2023, a significant aviation event in Poland and Europe, marks its XVII edition this year. Organized by the Military Property Agency and the General Command of the Armed Forces, the event honors Aviation Day and commemorates the 90th anniversary of Captain Stanisław Skarżyński’s successful Atlantic Ocean flight.

    Aviation Excellence

    This year’s Air Show focuses on celebrating the achievements of aviation, showcasing impressive aerial displays by pilots from Poland and allied countries. The event underscores the evolution of the Polish Air Force, highlighted by the display of FA-50 aircraft produced in South Korea, now piloted by Polish aviators. The growing strength of the Polish Air Force is emphasized, with the inclusion of helicopters like AW 101 and AW 149.

    Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defense, stressed the importance of building a robust Polish military to deter aggression, especially in light of the real threats posed today. He highlighted the upcoming integration of F-35 aircraft into the Polish Air Force and the ongoing negotiations for acquiring 96 Apache attack helicopters.

    With a captivating array of 68 aircraft and 18 formations, the aerial parade promises a spectacular show. The Air Show’s significance in the realm of aviation is evident, with over 160,000 attendees at past editions. The event’s five-year hiatus due to the pandemic and airport expansion has only heightened anticipation for this year’s showcase.

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