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    Aleksandra Mirosław’s new world record!

    Polish climber Aleksandra Mirosław started her climbing season with a bang, winning the World Cup in sport climbing held in Seoul, South Korea. Not only did she take the top spot on the podium, but she also broke her own world record in the final, clocking in at an incredible 6.25 seconds.

    This comes after she had already broken her own record twice earlier in the competition, in the qualifiers with a time of 6.37 seconds and in the semi-finals with a time of 6.35 seconds.

    The World Cup in Seoul marked the beginning of the season for sport climbers, and Mirosław’s performance clearly shows that she is already in outstanding form. Climbing is an incredibly demanding sport, and to achieve such a remarkable result at the start of the season is a testament to her talent and hard work.

    In fact, Mirosław was unstoppable from the beginning of the competition, easily defeating her opponents in each round. In the final, she faced off against fellow Polish climber Natalia Kałucka, who had to settle for the silver medal. Another Polish climber, Aleksandra Kałucka, who lost to her sister in the semi-finals, finished in fourth place.

    Mirosław’s achievements in Seoul are undoubtedly exciting for Polish fans, as they offer a glimpse of what could be an incredible season for her. Breaking her own world record three times in one day is an extraordinary feat, and it will be fascinating to see what else she can accomplish in the coming months.

    As the sport continues to gain popularity and recognition around the world, athletes like Mirosław are becoming more and more celebrated. With her impressive showing in Seoul, she has set the bar high for the rest of the season, and it will be thrilling to watch her continue to climb to new heights.

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