back to top Collaborates with Polish Brand Rainbow Socks for a Limited Edition Charity Collection

    As the holiday season approaches, unveils a special limited-edition collaboration with a Polish seller on its platform, introducing a set of vibrant Rainbow Socks inspired by Polish traditions and local motifs.

    The exclusive collection, launched today on, features colourful socks reflecting patterns from various Polish regions such as Łowicz, Góralski, and Kaszubski.

    Exclusive Charity Sock Collection on Giving Back and Celebrating Local Businesses

    These specially curated sets are exclusively available on with the added convenience of quick and free delivery for Amazon Prime members. Remarkably, the entire proceeds from the sales will be directed towards charitable causes.

    Aleksandra Borycka, Head of Marketplace at, expressed, “Local small and medium-sized businesses add immense value to our customers, and we support them in various ways, including creating joint products, especially for special occasions like Christmas. Our unique socks are a perfect gift idea for family and friends, sure to bring smiles to their faces. Rainbow Socks has been collaborating with Amazon across four continents for years, and through our logistics network, they can reach thousands of customers worldwide.”

    According to a report from in collaboration with the IBRiS Market and Social Research Institute, socks remain among the most commonly received gifts, with 20% of Poles finding them under their Christmas trees last year. However, this year, money and gift cards top the wish lists, followed by desires for cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, books, decorative candles, and socks. Practical, unexpected, niche, local brands, and reasonably priced gifts tend to bring the most joy.

    Małgorzata Iwuć, the owner of Rainbow Socks, mentioned, “Creating a special product for was an exceptional adventure for us, especially since we didn’t have such a collection in our offerings, echoing Polish folk motifs. In developing these designs, we drew inspiration from local patterns and embroideries from three different regions of Poland—Łowicz cutouts, Kaszubski motifs, and the embellishments resembling Góralski corsets.”

    The Rainbow Socks sets are available in two sizes: 36-40 and 41-46, priced at 49.90 PLN per set. With limited availability, the proceeds from their sales will be donated to a charity chosen by the companies.

    In addition to this exclusive holiday offering, customers browsing for gifts will find a plethora of unique options and ideas for presents, all with swift and convenient delivery throughout the festive season.


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