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    American Heart of Poland Expands its Medical Footprint in Poland

    During the European Economic Congress in Katowice, representatives of American Heart of Poland, led by Adam Szlachta, the CEO, announced the acquisition of Scanmed Group in Poland from Abris Capital Partners. This move signifies the expansion of American Heart of Poland’s operations in the country, incorporating over 30 medical facilities, including specialized hospitals, cardiology departments, and a network of primary care clinics.

    “At the core of our brand strategy is the continuous increase in access to professional medical care in Poland, not only in major cities but also in smaller towns. Finalizing this merger is another significant step in that direction,” said Adam Szlachta.

    According to experts, public and private healthcare need not be competitors; the activities of the American Heart of Poland indicate that both systems can complement each other, benefiting all patients.

    In the heart of Upper Silesia, the most prestigious congress in Central Europe, the European Economic Congress, is underway. This year’s theme is “Transform today, change tomorrow. Transformation for the future.”

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