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    An exhibition of works by the greatest stars of street art opens in Lublin

    Fans of street art, or so-called urban art should be delighted with news from Lublin. For the first time, a signed work by the famous British artist Banksy came to Poland.

    In Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin, a free admission art exhibition entitled ‘Impact Factor’ was held at the Brain Damage Gallery on Saturday, December 10.

    The visitors will be able to see fantastic works of the greatest stars of street art, e.g. Takeru Amano, Kaws or Space Invader.

    The Impact Factor is an (academic) indicator of the number of citations – and to put it simply – the importance of the author and the strength of his impact – explain the organizers. – It seems interesting to transfer this criterion to the field of art, specifically urban art. Art that grew out of rebellion against the official, historical-artificial discourse, which, however, has stabilized its position in the world of contemporary art over the last few years. This fact can be confirmed by the presence in such museums as MoMa, Tate, or at auctions of the largest auction houses – Christie’s and Sothebys.

    Here is a list of artists whose works you can see during this extraordinary vernissage:

    Takeru Amano (the first presentation of the artist’s work in Poland);
    Banksy (the first presentation of the artist’s signed work in Poland),
    Tomasz Gornicki,
    Damien Hirst,
    Invader (the first presentation of the artist’s works in Poland),
    John Kalab,
    Kaws (the first presentation of the artist’s work in Poland),
    Cleon Peterson,
    Pawel Ryzko & Axel Void,
    Michal Zytniak

    At the ‘Impact Factor’ exhibition, the organizers attempt to reconstruct the current image of urban art, the framework of which has gone beyond traditional patterns of street activity, and the network of connections we would not have thought of a few years ago.

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