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    Angels’ Wings on Benches: Symbol of Support for Vulnerable Children

    In Katowice, benches in the market have been adorned with wings by the association “Dom Aniołów Stróżów” (House of Guardian Angels), marking the International Day for Street Children on April 12th. These wings serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of public spaces in providing solace and support, especially for children from challenging backgrounds.

    A Symbol of Solace: Benches as Meeting Points

    For three decades, the “Dom Aniołów Stróżów” has been extending a helping hand to children in need across Katowice, Chorzów, and Sosnowiec. Their presence on benches within these communities signifies more than just a physical resting place; it’s a symbol of outreach and solidarity.

    While street corners have traditionally been places of refuge, the digital age poses new threats. The ubiquity of the internet exposes vulnerable children to online dangers, from cyberbullying to predatory behavior. Recognizing this shift, the association is adapting its outreach efforts to encompass online support systems.

    Supporting the Cause: A Call to Action

    As the world observes the International Day for Street Children amid tax season, “Dom Aniołów Stróżów” urges a thoughtful approach to charitable giving. By allocating 1.5% of their taxes to support children’s causes, individuals can contribute to creating safer spaces, both online and offline, for those in need.

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