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    Anniversary of Radom workers protest in 1976

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    June 25 marks the anniversary of the workers protest in Radom. The official celebrations took place at the intersection of 25 June and Żeromskiego streets. The workers’ protests of June 1976 were of great significance in the history of Poland. The protests began in June 1976 in Radom and then spread to other cities in Poland.

    In 1976, 20,000-25,000 people took to the streets of Radom in protest against the government’s planned food price rises. There were clashes with the police and ZOMO units.

    In June 1976, a group of workers in Poland took a courageous step that not only inspired generations to come, but also initiated significant social and political change. The 1976 workers’ protests played a key role in the fight for freedom and contributed to the fall of the communist regime in Poland. It was definitely one of the most important moments in the country’s history, setting the stage for future changes and transformations.

    The workers rose up against the communist authorities. Initially, the protests were a reaction to price rises for food and necessities, which were a huge burden on workers and their families. However, they soon developed into mass uprisings against the general lack of freedom and political repression.

    There were numerous arrests, harassment and repression of protesters. Despite this adversity, the workers did not give up and continued to fight for their rights. Their courage and perseverance became an inspiration for other sections of society who also strived for freedom and justice.

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