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    Another Edition of JAZZ PO POLSKU “Warsaw Live Sessions” Concerts Begins

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    The JAZZ PO POLSKU “Warsaw Live Sessions” concert series is back after a summer break. The next concert, featuring Michał Martyniuk Quartet, one of the most promising young Polish jazz pianists, will take place on Sunday, September 10th, at the Jassmine club in Warsaw.

    The Warsaw Live Sessions concert series is returning after a summer hiatus. On the upcoming Sunday, September 10th, Michał Martyniuk Quartet, one of the most promising young Polish jazz pianists, will be performing at the Jassmine club in Warsaw. The Sunday evenings with JAZZ PO POLSKU offer a unique opportunity to witness concerts featuring outstanding young Polish artists, as well as international guests.

    As part of the JAZZ PO POLSKU “Warsaw Live Sessions” project, Michał Martyniuk Quartet will take the stage at the Jassmine club in Warsaw on September 10th. The artist, who has been living and creating in Auckland, New Zealand, for many years, has released five original albums, including the 2019 Fryderyk Awards-nominated album “Nothing to Prove.” The album has gained recognition within the international artistic community, with legendary American trumpeter Randy Brecker describing it as “a beautiful and moving album with wonderful compositions and excellent performances by the entire band. It is a well-thought-out and well-arranged work.” Martyniuk will be accompanied on stage by guitarist Jakub Mizeracki, bassist Alan Wykpisz, and drummer Tymek Papiór. The concert will begin at 8:30 pm.

    Until the end of the year, the Jassmine club on Wilcza Street in Warsaw will host 8 more unique and original concerts performed by the cream of the young Polish jazz scene as part of the “Warsaw Live Sessions” project. The lineup includes Kuba Banaszek Quartet (September 24, 2023), Dominik Wania Quartet (October 8, 2023), Follow Dices (October 22, 2023), Ilona Damięcka Trio feat. Mateusz Smoczyński, and Ziemia (November 19, 2023), Rafał Jackiewicz Quartet (December 3, 2023), and Klawo (December 10, 2023).

    The “Warsaw Live Sessions” series started in January this year and will continue until the end of 2025. It will feature 50 concerts performed by both Polish and international artists. This year, the Warsaw audience has already enjoyed 11 concerts, including performances by Mateusz Gawęda Trio, Piotr Damasiewicz Into The Roots, Paweł Kaczmarczyk Trio, as well as American musicians – Mike Stern, Leni Stern, and Freddie Hendrix, who collaborated with Polish musicians to create unique events.

    “Supporting the local scene, as well as developing international cooperation and integrating creative communities from other countries, is an important element of the project implemented in Warsaw,” says Jakub Krzeszowski, the creator of the JAZZ PO POLSKU project.

    “The proposed program is universal and aimed at a wide audience. Over the course of three years, this project will feature 50 bands performing various genres of jazz, contemporary and improvised music. The artists will also create compositions inspired by Warsaw,” Krzeszowski adds.

    The project will last for three years and will take place on Sunday evenings at the Jassmine club in Warsaw.

    As part of the JAZZ PO POLSKU “Warsaw Live Sessions” project, the audience has the opportunity not only to listen to original music by leading Polish jazz musicians but also to participate in audio and video recordings of the concerts. The recorded performances will be shared on social media, with selected audio tracks available on streaming platforms.

    The JAZZ PO POLSKU “Warsaw Live Sessions” project is organized by the JAZZ PO POLSKU Foundation, with co-financing from the City of Warsaw. The event is sponsored by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. The project partners are Jassmine and the Foundation of Economic Diplomacy Institute. Media patrons: Jazz Forum, Warsaw Insider.

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