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    Arrests Made in Connection to Fatal Assault on Elderly Man in Nowy Sącz

    Just a few days after the deadly assault on a 75-year-old resident of Stary Sącz, the officers from the City Police Headquarters in Nowy Sącz, in collaboration with the officers from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Kraków, have apprehended individuals suspected of being involved in the crime.

    On Sunday, August 20th of this year, the Duty Officer of the City Police Headquarters in Nowy Sącz received a report that a 75-year-old resident of Sądecczyzna had been assaulted in his home. The man, with bodily injuries, was transported to the hospital, where he tragically passed away the next day. In response, officers from the City Police Headquarters in Nowy Sącz and from the Criminal Division of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Kraków were immediately dispatched to the scene.

    Through intensive work, investigations, and the collection of evidence, the investigators managed to identify individuals who could be connected to this crime and the locations where they might be hiding. Swift action led to the apprehension of the suspects on August 25th, around 6:45 PM, during a pursuit within the Stary Sącz municipality. The suspects were driving a Citroen car. The arrest was marked by dynamic events; one of the men exited the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. Warning shots were fired by the officers, leading to the apprehension of the fleeing man. The other two suspects were also captured by the police. The arrested individuals were identified as residents of the Stary Sącz municipality, aged 54, 25, and 22. Fortunately, no one involved in the incident sustained any injuries.

    Upon searching the suspects, the officers discovered narcotics in their possession. The 54-year-old had marijuana on his person, while nearly 60 grams of marijuana were found at the 25-year-old’s place of residence. Additionally, a drug test conducted on the 22-year-old driver indicated the presence of the substance in his system. As a result, a blood sample was collected for further testing.

    The residents of the Stary Sącz municipality were apprehended and transported to the City Police Headquarters in Nowy Sącz. They have been placed in police cells, awaiting further procedures in connection to the case. Presently, the investigators are working to establish the roles of each individual involved in the incident.

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