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    Artificial Intelligence Named Word of the Year 2023

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    The term “artificial intelligence” has been declared the Word of the Year 2023 by the judging panel. Meanwhile, in the online poll, the public voted for “elections” as their top word. This annual competition, organized by the University of Warsaw for the thirteenth time, aims to highlight language trends.

    Word Selection by Experts

    The judging panel chose “artificial intelligence” as the Word of the Year 2023, emphasizing its growing significance. Following closely in second place was “elections,” with the third spot shared by “inflation” and “MP.”

    Public’s Choice: Elections

    In the online poll, the public favored “elections” as their Word of the Year. “Artificial intelligence” secured the second position, while “inflation” claimed the third spot.

    Linguistic Analysis

    Professor Jerzy Bralczyk pointed out the evolving connotations of the term “artificial,” which historically had positive associations. However, its modern usage often implies something unnatural. He discussed the linguistic nuances and potential impact on the word’s meaning.

    Future Implications

    Professor Marian Bugajski highlighted the increasing familiarity with “artificial intelligence” and its global impact. He emphasized the importance of society’s ongoing reflection on the implications and future developments of AI.

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