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    Astronaut’s Journey: Risks, Preparations, and Insights from ESA

    ESA astronaut Sławosz Uznański shares insights into space travel risks, personalized training, and learning from colleagues’ missions.

    Polish astronaut Sławosz Uznański faces the challenges of space travel with a calculated approach, comparing it to demanding high-altitude mountaineering. Despite the inherent risks, he meticulously evaluates and manages the dangers involved.

    Physical Toll of Space Travel
    Space missions exact a toll on the human body, with bone density loss and muscle weakening being common occurrences. Uznański draws from his experience in high-altitude expeditions to navigate the physical demands of space travel.

    Personalized Approach to Training
    Unlike NASA astronauts, European Space Agency (ESA) astronauts like Uznański have more flexibility in planning their diet and exercise routines. Each astronaut is responsible for customizing their training regimen to suit their needs.

    Learning from Colleagues’ Missions
    Uznański gained valuable insights from observing Swedish astronaut Marcus Wandt’s space mission, learning about sleep patterns and daily routines in orbit. This firsthand experience informs his preparations for his own journey.

    Intensive Workdays in Space
    Astronauts’ workdays in space are meticulously planned, with every minute allocated for various tasks, including experiments, station maintenance, and physical training. Despite the rigor, Uznański remains focused on operational efficiency.

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