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    Attempted Murder Charge: Olsztyn Police Intensify Efforts to Solve Bridge Incident

    In a chilling incident that unfolded on the night of August 5th, 2023, on Olsztyn’s Jana Nepomucena Bridge, a 37-year-old man is facing an attempted murder charge after allegedly throwing a 43-year-old man over the bridge’s railing into the river below. The case has sparked intense police work and investigation by the Olsztyn City Police Department’s Division for Combating Crime Against Life and Health, under the supervision of the North Olsztyn District Prosecutor’s Office.

    The fateful altercation occurred in the late hours of Saturday, transitioning into Sunday, when the Olsztyn City Police received a distressing call reporting an incident on the Jana Nepomucena Bridge. Emergency services were swiftly dispatched to the scene, where eyewitnesses reported a physical confrontation between two men, culminating in one of them being violently hurled over the bridge’s safety barrier and into the river. The victim, a 43-year-old male, managed to emerge from the water, battered and injured, but with a determined will to survive. The other participant in the altercation fled the scene before law enforcement arrived.

    Despite initial reluctance from the victim to press charges, the unfolding events took an unexpected turn as Olsztyn’s law enforcement authorities delved deeper into the incident. Assisted by publically available video footage and driven by an unwavering commitment to justice, the officers of the Division for Combating Crime Against Life and Health pursued their investigation under the watchful eye of the North Olsztyn District Prosecutor’s Office. The fruits of their relentless labor led to the identification and subsequent apprehension of the 37-year-old suspect.

    On Wednesday, August 9th, 2023, the 37-year-old man faced a pivotal moment as he was formally charged with attempted murder, albeit under the category of “eventual intent.” The evidence amassed by the diligent efforts of Olsztyn’s law enforcement community has painted a grave picture, suggesting a calculated and deliberate act that warranted the severe legal consequences now looming over the suspect.

    Thursday, August 10th, 2023, brought another significant development in the case. Responding to the petition from the North Olsztyn District Prosecutor’s Office, the Olsztyn Regional Court ruled in favor of a precautionary measure. The 37-year-old suspect has been remanded into temporary custody for a period of three months. The decision underscores the seriousness of the charges and the court’s recognition of the need to prevent potential harm to society during the ongoing investigation.

    The accused’s future now hinges on the legal proceedings to come. If found guilty, he could face a prison term of no less than 8 years, or even up to 25 years, or even a life sentence, as prescribed by the penal code.

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