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    Audi Driver Plows Into Corpus Christi Procession, Resulting in Trampling of Participants

    Audi driver causes chaos as vehicle collides with Corpus Christi procession in Warsaw’s Ursynów district, disturbing participants in the gathering. Police and parish authorities confirm the incident, with witnesses reporting trampling of individuals, including children.

    The incident, as reported by the local portal Halo Ursynów, reveals that the Audi driver displayed impatience by refusing to wait for the procession to pass and instead forcefully manoeuvred his car through the crowd, causing harm to individuals. According to a witness quoted by the portal, the driver drove a black Audi A6 with Wołomin registration plates, and the incident took place near Nugat Street.

    “No one was seriously injured, but people were trampled, including children,” writes a participant of the procession on social media.

    According to another participant’s account, the driver struck multiple individuals during the incident. The participant expressed frustration, stating, “Everyone was aware that this particular section of the road would be closed for 20 minutes, but the driver, who thinks highly of himself, insisted on driving through immediately.” The incident has been reported to the police.

    The parish has also confirmed the occurrence of the event. Fr. Tomasz Bienkowski told the portal that he had witnessed a car forcefully making its way through the procession. He emphasized that there is currently no information regarding any injuries. Additionally, uniformed police officers promptly arrived at the scene.

    Sub-Commissioner Małgorzata Wersocka from the Capital Police Headquarters reported that the police officers present at the scene did not find any additional injured individuals, neither those visibly harmed nor those who reported injuries. No individuals came forward to report any incidents at the scene.

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