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    Autonomous Research Stations: The Future of Antarctic Exploration

    Professor Marek Lewandowski from IGF PAN advocates for autonomous research stations in Antarctica, predicting this trend will transform the Polish Antarctic Station. He emphasizes the advancements in energy technologies that can sustain measurement instruments during the harsh Antarctic winters.

    Revitalizing Polish Presence

    The Polish Antarctic Station, inactive since 1979, underwent revitalization during the 2021-2022 geophysical expedition led by Lewandowski. The station, now equipped with essential facilities and ready for new teams, demonstrates the feasibility of utilizing autonomous measurement apparatus for geophysical research.

    Strategic Collaborations

    Previously collaborating with Russian scientists, Polish researchers are now forging ties with Australian counterparts due to geopolitical shifts. This new partnership aims to further scientific endeavors at the Bunger Oasis, a unique location offering insights into Earth’s interior.

    Testing Ground for Space Technologies

    Bunger Oasis’s Martian-like conditions make it an excellent testing ground for space technology, enhancing our understanding of potential Mars missions.

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