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    Avalanche in the Slovak Tatras killed two Poles

    Two experienced Polish climbers died in an avalanche in the Slovak Tatra Mountains. The accident occurred yesterday in the area of Veľká Studená dolina.

    The Tatra Mountains make up Poland’s southern border with Slovakia. Three Polish climbers were taken by an avalanche in the Starolena Valley in the Slovak Tatra Mountains, in the area of Grosza Lodospady.

    Fortunately, It was one of the three Polish climbers who called the Slovak rescuers after being harmlessly buried with snow.

    The rescuers reached the place of the avalanche with the help of snowmobiles, and immediately began to search the avalanche site. Using an avalanche finder, they managed to locate the two missing climbers.

    They were dug out but unfortunately, they were no longer alive. Subsequently, the rescuers also helped the uncritically buried climber, with whom they subsequently descended to Starý Smokovec.

    Likewise, the bodies of the poor climbers were transported and handed over to the Slovak Police and the examining doctor.

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