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    B9 Countries Unite to Strengthen NATO’s Eastern Flank Amid Russian Threats

    Poland and the other eight Bucharest Nine (B9) countries, collectively representing NATO’s eastern flank, have issued a joint call for increased military support from the alliance. The objective is to safeguard the region against potential acts of aggression by Russia.

    Following their summit in Bratislava on Tuesday, the B9 leaders released a statement which was published on the Polish President’s Office website. They asserted that Russia posed the most significant and immediate threat to the security of NATO members and stressed the importance of remaining prepared. 

    Strengthening Defense Capabilities and Enhancing Deterrence on NATO’s Eastern Flank

    The B9 nations have taken steps to strengthen their defense capabilities along the Eastern Flank, spanning from the Baltic to the Black Sea. They have emphasized the need for deterrence and forward defense as defensive measures. The statement underlined NATO’s unwavering commitment to protect the entirety of its territory, including its ironclad commitment to Article 5. The leaders expressed the expectation that the upcoming Vilnius Summit would further enhance NATO’s defense posture on the Eastern Flank, effectively deterring and countering any potential acts of aggression.

    In addition, the B9 leaders emphasized their dedication to increasing defense investments both individually and collectively. They called for adequate resources to support their actions, urging the Vilnius Defence Investment Pledge to establish a baseline of 2 percent of GDP for defense spending. They encouraged all NATO members to meet or exceed this commitment, stressing the importance of adequate funding to strengthen capabilities and ensure a sufficient supply of defense resources.

    B9 Nations’ Firm Support for Ukraine’s Independence and Peace in Europe

    The Bucharest Nine leaders also reiterated their unwavering support for Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of its independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders. They condemned the ongoing war against Ukraine, describing it as unjustified, illegal, and brutal. The leaders believed that restoring peace and upholding the rules-based order in Europe hinged on respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty.

    The joint statement demonstrates the solidarity among the B9 nations, their shared concerns over Russian aggression, and their determination to bolster defense measures to safeguard their region and uphold NATO’s principles.

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