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    Baltic Power Pioneers Safety Standards in Offshore Wind Energy

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    Leading Polish developers in offshore wind energy signed an intent letter on November 21, during the Offshore Wind Poland 2023 conference, pledging to uphold high standards of safety and environmental protection. Baltic Power’s CEO, Jarosław Broda, emphasized the paramount importance of safety in the industry.

    A Collaborative Approach for Safer Offshore Operations

    The intent letter establishes a platform for wind farm developers to enhance safety in offshore wind operations. Signatories, including the Polish Wind Energy Association’s working group on safety and environmental standards, aim to fortify the safety culture in offshore wind energy.

    Baltic Power’s Vision for Safe Offshore Ventures

    Baltic Power, a joint venture of PKN ORLEN and Canadian firm Northland Power, is spearheading the construction of Poland’s first offshore wind farm. Broda highlighted the new challenges associated with offshore wind farms and stressed the need for top-notch safety standards.

    Industry Growth and Job Creation

    With the estimated value of around PLN 130 billion, the burgeoning offshore wind industry is projected to contribute significantly to Poland’s economy. Broda foresees healthy competition and collaboration, essential for sector organization and success.

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