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    Bangladeshi National Faces Additional Rape Charge in Anastasia Murder Case, New Footage Revealed

    A 32-year-old Bangladeshi national, Sallahudin S., has been charged with rape in addition to the existing murder charge in the murder case on the Greek island of Kos. The victim, Anastasia Rubinska, a 27-year-old Polish woman, was allegedly raped by the accused. The suspect’s lawyer, however, has dropped the case.

    During a court appearance on Friday, the Bangladeshi national was presented with the rape charge involving the Polish woman, following the previous accusation of murdering Anastasia. Earlier, he had also been charged with kidnapping. Greek media reports suggest that the police have compelling evidence to believe that the man, who has resided on the island for 11 years, is responsible for the murder of the Polish woman.

    Maintaining his plea of not guilty, the accused has consistently denied all charges brought against him. At one point, he even changed his testimony, claiming that he did not engage in sexual intercourse with the victim. Previously, he had asserted that any sexual contact between them had occurred with the victim’s consent.

    According to Greek forensic doctor Dimitris Galenteris it is possible that other individuals may have been involved in the crime. Galenteris noted that while the murder itself may have been carried out by a lone person, the concealment of the body and the preparation of the bag in which the deceased woman was found likely required assistance from others.

    Due to the ongoing investigation, which is subject to secrecy, the police have refrained from releasing any information pertaining to the murder of the Polish woman. When asked about the number of individuals detained so far and the background of Salahuddin S., the murder suspect, the police could not confirm the information reported by the Polish press, suggesting that six suspects had been apprehended. Local media outlets, known for their usually reliable information, also lack knowledge of such developments.

    Furthermore, it has been reported that the lawyer representing the 32-year-old accused has resigned from the case. Zafiris Drosos, the lawyer, cited the new criminal charges as the reason for his departure. In a statement to the media, Drosos expressed his respect for the institution of justice and the rights of every accused individual, emphasizing the importance of a fair defense and the presumption of innocence. Despite his resignation, Drosos offered his deepest condolences to Anastasia’s family and extended his sympathies to the entire community of the island of Kos.

    In a significant update, new CCTV footage has emerged, showing the accused and the victim leaving the residence of the Bangladeshi man. Initial reports suggested that both individuals had entered the house, but only the man had exited. This footage has played a crucial role in the ongoing investigation, ruling out the hypothesis that the crime took place within a house occupied by Asian immigrants. Various media hypotheses now speculate on alternative locations where the murder of the Polish woman may have occurred, including the vicinity of the tree under which the victim’s body was discovered on Sunday.

    The Pakistani-origin roommate of the prime suspect in the murder case, Banglian, altered his testimony on Wednesday. He admitted that upon his return home, he found his roommate and his girlfriend inside, drinking beer. Subsequently, he heard them departing together on a motorbike at around 11 p.m.

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