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    Barbie honors Ewa Swoboda and eight female athletes

    Mattel has honored eight female athletes worldwide with Barbie Role Model titles and custom dolls reflecting their likenesses. Among them is Ewa Swoboda, a leading Polish sprinter recognized for her achievements in national and international competitions, including being the indoor world silver medalist in the 60 meters.

    Celebrating Achievements

    Barbie’s Dream Gap Project aims to combat stereotypes and inspire girls to reach their full potential. By celebrating the stories of successful women, Barbie seeks to empower girls to pursue their dreams. The initiative underscores the importance of sports in building confidence and leadership skills among young girls.

    Ewa Swoboda’s Barbie Doll

    The unique Ewa Swoboda Barbie doll features a sporty PUMA outfit inspired by Swoboda’s record-breaking performance at the 2023 Kamila Skolimowska Memorial in Chorzów. The doll’s hairstyle, makeup, and tattoos reflect Swoboda’s personal style, emphasizing authenticity and individuality.

    Global Recognition

    The Barbie Role Model title were also awarded to:

    tennis player Venus Williams (United States),
    soccer player Christine Sinclair (Canada),
    soccer player Mary Fowler (Australia),
    boxer Estelle Mossely (France),
    gymnast Alexa Moreno (Mexico),
    gymnast Rebecca Andrade (Brazil),
    paratriathlete Susana Rodriguez (Spain),
    swimmer Federica Pellegrini (Italy).

    By highlighting these exceptional personalities, Barbie hopes to elevate women’s voices and inspire girls to remain in sports and pursue their passions.

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