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    Bartosz Zmarzlik Triumphs at Grand Prix of Poland, Extends Championship Lead

    Bartosz Zmarzlik claims victory at the Grand Prix of Poland in Gorzów Wielkopolski, marking the fifth round of the Speedway World Championships. Maciej Janowski was eliminated in the semifinals, while Patryk Dudek and wildcard entrant Szymon Woźniak were knocked out in the heats.

    In a final that was interrupted twice due to crashes, Zmarzlik surpassed Denmark’s Leon Madsen and Sweden’s Fredrik Lindgren. Australian rider Jason Doyle was excluded from the second rerun.

    The Polish speedway star, who secured his third tournament win this year, solidified his position as the overall leader in the World Championship standings. Previous runner-up, Australian Jack Holder, was eliminated in the semifinals.

    The next tournament will take place on July 15th in Målilla, Sweden.

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