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    Bears in Bieszczady: Encounters in the Wild and Safety Measures

    In the Bieszczady Mountains, recent bear encounters prompt warnings from the Regional Directorate of State Forests. Edward Marszałek, the spokesperson, emphasizes that bears don’t attack humans but defend their territory. Most incidents occur in spring when bears are agitated or with cubs.

    Unusual Autumn Attack

    Despite being an uncommon season for bear attacks, a recent incident involved a man approaching a bear’s den too closely. Marszałek underscores that bears, now widespread, are frequently encountered. To avoid surprises, he suggests making noise and avoiding silence while traversing bear territories.

    Human Actions Impacting Wildlife

    Marszałek points out that human practices, like leaving food or compost, lead to bears becoming accustomed to human scents. He urges awareness and notes that coexistence with wildlife demands caution, referencing Germany’s contrasting approach to wildlife protection.

    Challenges of Living Alongside Wildlife

    Living alongside wildlife in Bieszczady carries risks, and Marszałek emphasizes the need for conscious coexistence. With around 150 bears in the region, fostering a balanced relationship between nature and humans is crucial.

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