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    Beaver survives the second winter in unfamiliar Tatra Mountains environment

    Beavers, typical forest and river animals, have been appearing in the Tatra Mountains for several years. Two years ago, one of these mammals settled near Morskie Oko and survived its second winter there.

    This is remarkable because the Tatra Mountains are a completely unfamiliar environment for beavers. Initially, some scientists were skeptical about the animal’s survival, but the beaver persevered and is doing well.

    Its activity is visible on the ice, where it made a hole and dragged branches there, as well as on the snow, where it made a path and cut willows. The beaver also feeds in the vicinity of Dwoista Siklawa and the Peninsula of Love.

    These animals most likely came to the Tatras along the Rybi Potok, and the first beaver lodge was observed in 2015 in the vicinity of Lysa Polana, where the trail to Morskie Oko begins. Since then, traces of their presence have also been observed in the Roztoka Valley.

    Beavers, animals usually associated with lowlands, can survive in such a difficult environment as the mountains. Their presence in the Tatras is evidence that nature can surprise us and adapt to changing conditions. At the same time, however, it requires greater caution from us in protecting and maintaining the balance of the ecosystems in which they live.

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